De Lisle III is a magnificent four-story superyacht measuring 137 feet in length, designed for ultimate exploration and relaxation. With seamless indoor-outdoor spaces and luxurious features, this yacht offers a serene and opulent experience. Built by Gulf Craft in 2008 and renovated in 2018, De Lisle III combines exhilarating water toys with South Pacific adventures. […]


The 37.3m/122’5″ motor yacht ‘Ghost II’ built by Gulf Craft is a luxurious vessel available for charter, offering a perfect blend of style, comfort, and versatility. With interior styling by Gulf Craft, this yacht showcases Emirati design expertise. Ghost II, completed in 2016, boasts well-designed decks that provide a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor […]


Offering impressive elegance and comfort, Infinity 7 is a luxury yacht charter built in 2009. With 5 crew members, 5 cabins, Infinity 7 sleeps 10, and charters to the spectacular waters of Indian Ocean. Built by master builder Gulf Craft, its comprehensive facilities are perfect for hosting 30 guests for a day cruise. Infinity 7 presents couples, families, and groups of couples the opportunity to spend holidays with the people in their lives that matter most.


Mia is a 105 feet luxury yacht built in 2017 to explore the most pristine waters of our planet. Offering 5 cabins and 12 sleeps, it was built by Gulf Craft, with comfort, luxury, and adventure in mind. Cruising around the Mediterranean, countless world-class dive spots are within easy reach of your fingertips.

Besides a diving holiday, with a professional and friendly crew of 5, Mia can take 30 guests on a day charter to enjoy various water sports or celebrate your special occasion on water.